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Attractions in the Hamar area



During the Olympic Games in Lillehammer 1994, the speed skating events were held at Hamar, located 60 km south of Lillehammer. Hamar Olympiahall, the first Norwegian indoor speed skating track, was build for this event. The first races in the hall were the World Championships 1993. Falko Zandstra won the championship, but no World Records were broken. But during the World Cup races in December 1993, 3 World Records were broken, and during the Olympic Games 5 World Records were broken.

The hall is shaped like an upside down vikingship, hence the nickname "Vikingskipet". It is located very idyllically in Åkervika by Mjøsa. This location caused great debate because of environmental and nature conservation interests in this area.

Hamar has been a centre for speed skating since the 1890s. In this period the Dutch world champion Jaap Eden spent long periods training at Hamar. The European Championships 1894 and World Championships 1895 were both held at Hamar, and the first official Norwegian Championships were held here in 1894. The last international championships on natural ice was held at Hamar Stadion in 1991.

Hamar has also brought forward great speed skaters, like Einar Halvorsen and Peter Sinnerud. Peter Sinnerud's grandson - Sven Peter Sinnerud - has been preparing the ice in the Vikingship for all the championships since 1994.

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The Norwegian Emigrant Museum

The first settler's house from North America was taken "home" to the museum in 1955. Another arrived in 1962. Both of these houses moved with the museum to Hamar in 1973.
The open air museum was officially opened by His Majesty King Olav V in May, 1989. At the present time the museum has six buildings on the property.

Adress: The Norwegian Emigrant Museum
Åkershagan 2312 Ottestad
Tlf. +47 62 57 85 77

Internett: Utvandrermuseet

 The Norwegian Emigrant Museum




Welcome to Hedmarksmuseet & Domkirkeodden

Out on a headland jutting out into Lake Mjøsa lie the ruins of Hamar Cathedral Priory which was built here in connection with the foundation of the episcopal see i 1152-53. The siting on the highest point on the headland made the cathedral a powerful landmark, visible from a long way off for seafarers on the lake.

Internett: Hedmarksmuseet

 Welcome to Hedmarksmuseet & Domkirkeodden

Kirsten Flagstad

Kirsten Flagstad was born in Strandstuen, Hamar, on the 12th of July 1895. She grew up in a very musical family, and her talent was evident from an early age. In 1935 she made her debut at The Metropolitan Opera House in New York as ”Sieglinde” in Wagner’s opera ”Die Walküre”.

By the end of the matinee, Kirsten Flagstad had become famous.

Internett: Kirsten Flagstad

 Kirsten Flagstad


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