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Fjetre Gård i Stange med gårdsferie
Meny Fjetre

The history of Fjetre farm in Norway

Today Fjetre cover 120 acre cultivated, 40 acre Forrest and some acres hired field. The Forrest is behind the buildings and is used for recreation. Marked tracks for sport and recreation in agricultural area.

The farm is producing corn, potatoes and carrot. The Customers are divided between contracts among suppliers in detail market and factories. The milk production stopped the the fifties. The Barn was rebuilt to produce Pork meat (Pigs) and the production went on up to the middle of the nineties. Today the only animal on the farm is our dog Nero.

The work on the field is based on modern engines and equipment helped by foreign workers.

It has also in the past been rooms for hire at Fjetre. In the period between the two world wars the side building was occupied by summer guests from Oslo and other places.

In the years just before and after last war the farm was training centre for sport groups. Dutch skaters has a lot to appreciate previous generations effort for skate competitions in “modern time” in Hamar. Other nations, up to 8 at the same time, did also host Fjetre at that time. It could be up to 16 skaters hosting the farm at same time, including Christmas. They made a nice atmosphere when they stayed at the farm.

The hostage activity closed in 1956 when Arve Sinnerud (1913-1956) died after a sickness 80 years old.

Today farmers are encouraged to think in new ways. For Fjetre Gård this includes to maintain income and production for the future.

The owner of Fjetre Gård wants to re-establish bed & breakfast traditions demanding on modern needs. Our target for customers will be wider than before. Today we invite guided groups, agents or sponsors working temporary in the Hamar region or just turists wanted an alternative stay.

We know this product will be interesting.

Fjetre farm Norway

Fjetre farm Norway


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